Title IX & Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office
University of California
3211 Phelps Hall
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2065

Phone: (805) 893-2701
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Ariana C. Alvarez

Director & Title IX Officer
(805) 893-2546

Ariana Alvarez, Director of the Title IX & Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office (Title IX) and Title IX Officer, is responsible for oversight of campus activities designed to implement, expand on, and ensure full compliance with Title IX and all related State and local laws proscribing unwanted sexual contact, unsolicited sexual displays, speech, or other behaviors associated with evolving definitions of sexual violence and sexual harassment. Mx. Alvarez has worked in the UCSB Title IX Office for almost 10 years, and her experience includes over 20 years of practice in discrimination and harassment investigations, prevention education & training and testing in various industries including higher education, public accommodations, insurance, public housing, franchise investment and government employment. Mx. Alvarez oversees the functions of the Title IX Office units, department programming and administration and works with campus officials to update policies and procedures relevant to sexual harassment, sexual violence and Title IX compliance.

Stephanie Yahyavi

Deputy Title IX Officer & Lead Case Resolution Officer
(805) 893-5134

Stephanie Yahyavi is the Deputy Title IX Officer and Lead Case Resolution Officer for the Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office. Ms. Yahyavi is responsible for planning and conducting neutral, fact-finding investigations of complaints alleging harassment, discrimination and sexual violence. Ms. Yahyavi conducts intake interviews for the involved parties, in addition to conducting witness interviews. Ms. Yahyavi is responsible for preparing written findings at the completion of a University investigation. Ms. Yahyavi has been with the University since 2012, and has an extensive work history in relation to Title IX matters both in the Title IX Office and with campus partners in various departments. Ms. Yahyavi has attended multiple campus, systemwide, and national Title IX trainings. Ms. Yahyavi earned her Master’s in Counseling Psychology degree in 2013.

Courtney Brunasso

Case Resolution Officer
(805) 893-5286

Tori Asato

Case Resolution Officer
(805) 893-2738

Marisa Huston

Case Resolution Officer
(805) 893-2889

Nancy Nava

Case Resolution Officer
(805) 893-5410

Rachel Conklin

Compliance Training Officer
(805) 893-3442

Rachel Conklin is a Compliance Training Officer for the Title IX & Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office (Title IX). In this role, Rachel manages the training efforts for Title IX. This includes tracking online compliance training for UCSB employees and graduate students and maintaining training records. She also creates and facilitates instructor-led supplemental training related to implicit bias, microaggressions in academic and work environments and procedural response overviews for responsible employees. Rachel is a certified trainer for the Gaucho Green Dot program on campus, a bystander intervention program aimed at preventing sexual violence in the UCSB community. Rachel has worked on campus for three years, and has engaged in campus and systemwide Title IX programming during this time. She earned her Master's in Public Health degree from San Diego State University, where she researched health equity and women's health, and her Bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley.

Tiffany Rhodes

Sr. Compliance Data Officer and Response Team Coordinator
(805) 893-2079

Position Vacant

Office Coordinator
(805) 893-2701