UCSB does not tolerate sexual harassment/sexual violence, which is prohibited by University policy and state and federal law. The Title IX Compliance and Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office (TIX/SHPC) provides assistance in preventing and resolving & investigating complaints of sexual harassment/sexual violence and gender discrimination. To proactively address these issues on our campus, the TIX/SHPC also provides:

  • Preventative education
    • Regular in-person training sessions
    • Coordination of the legally mandated AB 1825 supervisory training
    • Customized departmental trainings
  • Distribution of the University policy and procedures regarding sexual harassment/sexual violence on an annual basis

The TIX/SHPC provides information about campus policies and procedures related to complaint resolution to any interested campus community member. Individual consultations can be scheduled for persons who need general information about possible response options or to supervisory staff who request a review of their specific reporting responsibilities to address information about possible sexual harassment/sexual violence of which they have become aware. 

Protection from Retaliation

The University also prohibits retaliation against any employee, student or applicant who reports a complaint of discrimination or harassment or participates in any manner in an investigation or resolution of a complaint. If you feel you have been subjected to retaliatory actions, please contact the TIX/SHPC immediately.