If you or someone you know is in danger or needs immediate help, call 911.
If you have experienced sexual violence, sexual harassment, sex discrimination, or other Title IX-related prohibited behavior, resources are available to you. Please see the Full List of Campus & Community Resources for more information.

Confidential Campus Resources

The offices/UC employees listed below are designated Confidential Resources. Information about incidents of sexual violence, sexual harassment, sex-based harassment, and other prohibited behavior (as defined by the UC SVSH Policy) that these offices/UC employees receive in their confidential capacity is kept confidential and will not be shared without the permission of the impacted party.* These resources are not Responsible Employees and are not required to report or share any information with the Title IX Office. Information shared with Confidential Resources does not put the University "on notice", and without additional action by the impacted party, discussions with members of these offices/UC employees will not result in any Title IX Office response.

*Please note that while the Confidential Resources listed above are not required to report to the Title IX Office about reports of sexual violence, sexual harassment, sex-based harassment, and other prohibited behavior, they may have other mandatory reporting obligations under UC CANRA (Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act) Policy, the Clery Act as a Campus Security Authority (CSA), and other policies or laws that require reporting to campus or local law enforcement, or Child Protective Services.


Reporting Offices

Title IX & Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office

UC Police Department

Isla Vista Foot Patrol


Other Campus & UC Resources

Academic Personnel

Academic Senate

All Gender Restrooms and Lactation Rooms

Hate Incident Response Coordinator

Housing, Dining, & Auxiliary Enterprises

Human Resources

Office of Student Conduct (OSC)

Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity

Respondent Services Coordination

Responding to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Abroad

Student Mental Health Coordination Services

UCSB Whistleblower

UC Systemwide Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Site