On August 14, 2020, the University of California implemented the Interim UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy and corresponding adjudication frameworks in response to the Title IX regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Education (“DOE”). For more information, please click here.

In accordance with UC Santa Barbara's COVID-19 response, the Title IX Office will be conducting all business remotely until further notice. Title IX Office staff can be reached via email. For additional information on this office’s response during the COVID-19 pandemic, please see these FAQs.

The mission of the Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office (Title IX Office) is to ensure all UCSB community members fulfill the campus’ commitment to create and maintain a work and academic environment free of sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Reporting to Title IX

File a Report

Not sure if you are ready to report to Title IX? Confidential Resources are available to you and can provide you with information on UC policy, campus procedures, resources, and reporting options without automatically putting the University “on notice” or initiating a University response.