Frequently Asked Questions About AB 1825

Should I take the training online or in person?
The choice is yours.  Many individuals choose to complete the training online because they have a difficult time fitting the two-hour instructor-led training in their schedule. Others choose to participate in an instructor-led training for the face-to-face interaction.

How will I know if I am required to take the AB 1825 sexual harassment prevention training?
Individuals required to take the training will receive an e-mail 90 days prior to their training due date.  Reminder e-mails are also sent 60-, 30- and 7-days before the training due date.  Each of these e-mails will have your personal link for accessing the online sexual harassment prevention training.

Who is considered a supervisor for AB 1825 training?
The California Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA) defines supervisor as any individual having the authority to “hire, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward, or discipline other employees, or the responsibility to direct them, or to adjust their grievances or effectively to recommend that action…if the exercise of that authority is not of a merely routine or clerical nature, but requires the use of independent judgment.”

Will I get a certificate of completion?
There is no certificate of completion at the conclusion of the training. Once you have completed the online training, you will receive an email confirming completion of the AB1825 Training. The Learning Management System will also have an electronic record of your completion date.


Why do I need to complete SVSH Prevention training every year?
Standing in front of a traumatized, emotional student or colleague who is reaching out to you for help can be an extraordinary and unsettling experience that may cause you to lose sight of what to do. Because of the trauma involved in these situations, we believe it is important for our campus members to be aware of our resources and reporting options and practice these concepts. These trainings afford you the opportunity to review the information and rehearse your response to such a report. Furthermore, in cases of sexual violence, time is of the essence for evidence collection. Being prepared will increase the timeliness and likelihood of your response, even if you find yourself in the midst of an emotional reaction.

I have completed this several times and am familiar with the information. Why must I take it again?
While it may seem tedious to repeat any annual training requirement, we believe that the training can assist you in identifying the behavior and responding in a calm, timely and compassionate manner.

What happens if I don’t complete the training before the deadline?
Those who do not complete the training by the assigned deadline may have their registration blocked for the following quarter.

What if I am a survivor of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating/domestic violence or stalking and am triggered by the training content?
We understand that participating in the online training may be triggering for a survivor of sexual violence and will do our best to offer an alternative. If this situation applies to you, please contact Rachel Conklin at

If a student belongs to multiple departments, do they have to complete the training for each department?
The SVSH training only needs to be completed once a year. This will fulfill the requirement for all associated departments.

I am a career staff and a graduate student and have completed the SVSH Prevention Training for staff or supervisors. Do I still need to complete the Campus Clarity training for graduate students?
Please contact the Title IX Office. We review these requests on an individual basis.

Will I need to complete any supplemental trainings that my department schedules?
Some departments may require their graduate students to attend a supplemental training. This supplemental training, presented by the Title IX Office and often co-facilitated by CARE, offers additional information specific to the services and resources offered by these respective offices. Attendance requirements are determined by the department.

Monitoring The Training Completion

The Title IX Compliance and Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office will track the completion of training for all graduate students. These training records will be retained for 5 years in accordance with UC policy.

Each graduate student's training completion will be tracked through sign-in sheets, online completion records or department rosters that have each attending student's name, department and perm number. Any student who does not have their information on one of these documented sources will not receive credit for completing this training requirement.

Questions, Concerns, Suggestions

If you have additional information to share about the Graduate Student sexual harassment prevention training requirement, please contact: